The Team

Martha S. Shaka

PhD Researcher

Martha Shaka is pursuing her PhD in computer science at the University College Cork, supervised by Professor Ken Brown and Professor Barry O’Sullivan. Her research interests focus on developing novel data analytics and deep learning techniques, especially for applications in health science, multi-agent interaction and resource optimisation in intelligent systems. She received an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Leeds in 2021. Her thesis leveraged deep learning techniques to capture essential differences and classify C.elegans mutant strains based on their behaviours to understand behaviour dynamics in relation to the nervous system. 

Martha is one of the co-founders of capital space Ltd, aiming to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship through skills development and technology in Tanzania. In addition, She is an assistant lecturer at the University of Dodoma (UDOM)  and occasionally volunteers to teach programming languages to girls in public high schools and organise local and national events inclined to share AI knowledge, such as Annual IndabaX Conferences and UDOM AI Community. Ms Martha enjoys reading and is a massive fan of football.

Supervisor: Professor Ken Brown