We bring together a team of over 70 named supervisors, including the co-applicants, who work across the set of research themes in our research programme. The table below illustrates the primary competency of each supervisor, for each participating institution.

In many cases the interests of the supervisors are broader than these themes. For example, many of the machine learning supervisors also work in areas related to personalisation, while a number of the reasoning supervisors also work in areas related to ethics, fair, and transparent AI.


Name Location Email Topics Example PhD Project
Prof. Geraldine Boylan UCC Neonatal Health, Machine Learning AI for interpretation of neonatal EEG
Dr. Derek Bridge UCC Recommender Systems, Case-based Reasoning, Machine Learning Contestable Explanations for Recommendations
Prof. Ken Brown UCC Constraints, Machine Learning, Sensors, Networks Optimal guidance in co-working manufacturing spaces between robots and humans
Dr. Aisling O’Driscoll UCC Networks, AI, Smart Cities AI for Channel Congestion Control for Cellular Vehicle to Everything Networks
Prof. Dirk Pesch UCC Wireless sensor networks, AI ML for autonomous operation of networked IoT in smart cities and future manufacturing
Prof. Barry O’Sullivan UCC Constraint Programming, Machine Learning, Ethics The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Paolo Palmieri UCC Privacy, security, analytics De-anonymisation using artificial intelligence, and couter-measures
Dr. Emanuel Popovici UCC AI, machine learning, sonofication Hardware Accelerators for Big Data Security
Dr. Steve Prestwich UCC Constraints, Optimisation, Stochastic Programming Stochastic Constraint Programming as Reinforcement Learning
Prof. Greg Provan UCC Diagnosis, Model-based Reasoning, Robotics, Embedded Systems Learning fault-tolerant control for autonomous systems
Dr. Brendan O’Flynn Tyndall Wearables Data Analytics “On the Edge” for health and wellness monitoring
Dr. Ignacio Castineiras CIT Constraint Programming, Optimisation, Machine Learning Heuristics for Autonomous Vehicle Routing Problems
Dr. Diarmuid Grimes CIT Constraint Programming, Optimisation, Machine Learning Biasing prediction for end-use stochastic optimisation applications
Dr. Marija Bezbradica DCU Complex System Modelling, Analytics, Applied Maths, Statistics Smart Cities: Modelling emerging behaviour in traffic flows using AI and ML
Dr. Martin Crane DCU Time Series Analysis, Computational Finance, Bioinformatics Modelling a Client’s Propensity to Repay a Loan in Debt Data
Dr. Lorna Fitzsimons DCU Water-energy nexus, energy modelling and analysis ML tools to control and optimise reverse osmosis performance
Dr. Cathal Gurrin DCU Multimedia IR, Lifelogging, Quantified Self, Personal Data Personal Data Anonymisaiton
Prof. Gareth Jones DCU NLP, Information Retrieval, Multimedia Technologies, HCI Dynamic multi-modal composition and delivery of information in context-aware search
Dr. Tanya Levingstone DCU Biomedical Engineering Applications Computational models for predicting results in complex tissue engineering applications
Dr. Suzanne Little DCU Multimedia Semantics, Content-based Information Retrieval Transparent and explainable AI models for visual content analysis
Dr. Alessandra Mileo DCU Symbolic, Probabilistic and Neural AI, Complex Reasoning Explainable Deep Learning
Dr. Andrew McCarren DCU Data Analytics Data Mining Statistics Fintech AI to help identify the appropriate techniques to be used in a Time series Analysis
Prof. Barry McMullin DCU Sustainable Energy Systems, Complex Systems Modelling Agent based modelling of socio-technological interactions for decarbonisation
Prof. Noel O’Connor DCU Multimedia Content Analysis, ML, Computer Vision Semantic Segmentation of 3D Data for Autonomous Vehicles
Dr. Mark Roantree DCU Distributed Information Systems Integration & Interoperability Using existing semi-populated data marts and query answering
Prof. Mathieu d’Aquin NUIG Knowledge representation, Automated reasoning Ontological interpretation of machine learning models
Dr. John Breslin NUIG Social Networks Evaluating Dataset Augmentation Techniques: Generating Synthetic Text for Natural Language
Dr. Paul Buitelaar NUIG Natural Language Processing, Linked Data A text mining approach to event detection in sensor data
Dr. Ed Curry NUIG Multimedia Event Processing, Distributed Machine Learning Probabilistic Models for Multi-scale Data Governance in Smart Environments
Dr. Jim Duggan NUIG Simulation An ML Approach to Investigating Temporal Dynamics in Infectious Disease Spread.
Prof. Michael Madden NUIG Machine Learning Multi-agent reinforcement learning algorithms for robotic first response in critical incidents
Dr. John McCrae NUIG Natural Language Processing, Linked Data Polylingual Word Embeddings for Minority and Historical Languages
Dr. Matthias Nickles NUIG Reasoning, Machine Learning Deep Learning for Reflective Reasoning
Dr. Colm O’Riordan NUIG Machine Learning, Evolutionary Computation Axiomatic approaches to term embeddings in adhoc IR Retrieval
Dr. Melanie Bouroche TCD Connected Autonomous Vehicles Coordination of Connected Autonomous Vehicles
Prof. Vinny Cahill TCD Machine Learning Reinforcement learning for connected and autonomous vehicles
Prof. Siobhan Clarke TCD Software Engineering for Dynamic Urban Services, IoT Predictive monitoring for dependable service provisioning in IoT
Prof. Owen Conlan TCD Personalisation Contextually-agile interactive personalisation approaches
Dr. Ivana Dusparic TCD Intelligent Agents, Reinforcement Learning, Intelligent Transport Adaptive Reinforcement Learning for Future Cities
Prof. Lucy Hederman TCD Health Informatics Managing and governing health AI data using knowledge graphs
Dr. George Iosifidis TCD Managing and governing health AI data using knowledge graphs Optimization Algorithms for Designing Multi-tier Heterogeneous Networks
Dr. Dave Lewis TCD Knowledge-driven data governance Collective Governance of Sensed Data in Built Environments
Dr. Conor McGinn TCD Robotics Learning from shared control
Prof. Declan O’Sullivan TCD AI-based data integration and semantic mapping Transparent AI for ethical data integration
Dr. Malachy Eaton UL Evolutionary Computation, ML, Humanoid Robotics Evolutionary Computation and Machine Learning applied to Humanoid Robotics
Dr. Patrick Healy UL Optimisation, Constraint Satisfaction, Graph Drawing Weighted Graph Partitioning
Prof. Michael Hinchey UL Formal Methods, Software Reliability, Autonomic Computing Formal approaches to autonomous vehicles and multi-vehicle coordination
Prof. Tiziana Margaria UL Formal Methods, Automated Software Dev., Model Learning Rule-based decision support systems real time stabilization of Transmission Electron Microscopy
Dr. John Nelson UL Sensors, Distributed AI, Edge AI AI for self-monitoring and primary care intervention for stroke patients
Dr. Nikola Nikolov UL Data visualization, mining and representation Immersive Analytics for Big Networks; Immersive Cluster Analysis for Large Text Corpora
Prof. Bashar Nuseibeh UL Security, Privacy, Ethics, Fair, Transparent AI Combining inductive learning with abductive explanations for adaptive security systems
Professor Conor Ryan UL Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning Automatically generating ensembles of Machine Learning models
Professor Daniel Toal UL Robotics, Machine Learning Autonomy for Exploration in Complex and High-Risk Environments
Dr. Pepijn Van de Ven UL Behavioural health, mental health, Personalisation Machine Learning for mood and depressive state prediction and intervention