Research & Training


The typical student in our CRT will follow a structured PhD training programming comprising research methods training, supervisor-initiated research-specific training, a CRT-organised training module in artificial intelligence methods, work placements, and international scientific research laboratories. In terms of specific CRT-organised training in artificial intelligence, we will focus on six thematic areas in which the co-applicant team and supervisor group have particular expertise.

Theses are:

In our choice of areas, we are making no attempt at comprehensive coverage of the field of AI. Instead, we are selecting strands that (a) will relate to likely student PhD topics, and (b) afford scope for the students to acquire a broad range of relevant skills.

A typical student in our CRT will follow a structured PhD training programme that comprises four main elements:

(i) Host-based research methods training;

(ii) Supervisor-initiated research-specific training;

(iii) CRT-organized training in Artificial Intelligence methods; 

(iv) Training placements.