The Team

Jhession Argiro Lopez Restrepo

PhD Researcher

I am Colombian, currently living in the city of Medellín. In this same city, I graduated as an Electronic Engineer and later obtained a master’s degree in Engineering with an emphasis on the development of information systems, both grades coursed at the University of Antioquia. For some years I taught university introductory courses in Programming and Computer Architecture, first in Colombia and then in Argentina. At the same time, I was developing my master’s thesis.

I also had been working on enterprises related to banking and insurance services mainly doing software test automation. Thanks to this last work I know a little about the current use of cloud computing services (mainly AWS), Docker and Kubernetes. In my research work I studied the use of high-performance computing and hybrid metaheuristics to solve combinatorial optimization problems.

I am currently working with Dr. Laura Climent in the use of Constraint Programming and Metaheuristics to solve Combinatorial Optimization Problems arising from the context of smart cities and uncertain environments. On the personal level, when time is enough, I really enjoy doing
long bike rides and practicing a little Yoga. I am always interested in discovering new music and I am definitely passionate about the cinema, although I always have an outstanding debt with it.

Supervisors: Professor Barry O’Sullivan & Dr. Laura Climent