The Team

Filipe Lucas De Souza

PhD Researcher

I am Filipe Souza, and I previously worked for seven years in an insurance company in Brazil dealing with large and complex datasets. In the last year, I graduated from a full-time MSc in AI with a successful first honours degree and the overall grade of 86.4%. During the masters, I worked on a novel hybrid algorithm that combined a dedicated genetic algorithm with a local search for solution refinement to solve 2D-BBP. After delivering my thesis, I also wrote a paper about this work and presented it in the 28th Irish Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. Now I am starting my PhD journey researching about constraint programming with a focus on smart grids optimisation. I am also really interested in game theory and investigating the potential of combining.

ML/DL and constraint programming to address combinatorial optimisation problems.

Supervisors: Professor Barry O’Sullivan & Dr. Diarmuid Grimes