The Team

Fatemeh Amerehi

PhD Researcher

Fatemeh​​ is​ a​ Ph.D.​ researcher​ in​ computer​ science​ and​ information​ systems​ at​ the​ University​ of​ ​Limerick.​ Her​ research​ interests​ lie​ in​ the​ area​ of​ Deep Generative model and mathematical​ programming,​ ranging​ from​ theory​ to​ design​ to​ implementation. Her​ current​ research​  concerns the analysis and introduction of an effective evaluation metric for deep generative models with a special attention to Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and diffusion models.

Supervisors: ​Prof. Patrick Healy & Prof. Barry O’Sullivan


Optimisation and Constraint Programming 2

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